Steam & Condensate Specialist Since 1981


For over 40 years SCHROEDAHL has been one of the leading worldwide  suppliers of specialty valves for the Petrochemical, Power and Refining Industries.

Pump Protection Systems

Schroedahl was the originator of the automatic recirculation valve for centrifugal pumps. They provide the best design, and much needed competition, for a product that has few manufacturers worldwide. Valve sizes range from 1" to 12" and ANSI pressure classes to 2500 Lb.




Steam Conditioning Equipment

Schroedahl has been manufacturing Steam Conditioning Valves and Steam Desuperheaters for over 25 years. Their spray nozzle design maintains a swirling stream of fine water droplets under all operating conditions. This nozzle design significantly reduces the time required for the spray water to evaporate resulting in less water fall-out and better temperature control.







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